Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hi my followers, Just thought I'd  update you about my 'Blog' . The purpose of which is to tell of my struggle with Dyslexia throughout my life. This process is still a bit new to me.
I am researching how to add more interest and to add pictures to my Blog. I would be happy to receive constructive comments and feed back.
..I was busy  and satisfied in my job but now that I'm older, I value myself better and see that I have tolerated  my job which doesn't  fulfil  me anymore.
I have always considered myself as "slow-dumb"
It might amaze you that people who may appear clever, could also be hiding the same challenges of Dyslexia. They too have learned to hide there struggle by clever coping strategies.
I have stopped putting myself down and have decided  to be happy with who I am and 'JUST BE ME'.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

...I remember a teacher telling me on my last day of school "Good luck Trina, find a good job". I remember thinking a good job came after a good education. I walked home that afternoon with tears in my eyes, which was a common occurrence. I am one of a family of six siblings, and I'm the youngest. I guess the household was just too busy in those days to give me the help I could have had. I was embarrassed to ask for help. However a was a happy child in a loving family and remember lots of  fun in my childhood. At Intermediate school, I received a little coaching and also in my third form year. But my struggle was still not named or addressed. Now I understand that I have "Dyslexia". Isn't it a shame this wasn't picked up way earlier in my younger days. Now that my own children are secure in there own careers, I wonder when my own job might come to an end as the Electronics field is changing all the time.
So the thought returns to me that I have no real educational qualifications to do the things that earn good money.
This brings me to the reason for my Blog.
I was walking in my home town and spotted a sign which said 'Literacy', free tutoring.
I found myself walking upstairs to a big open office buzzing with people which was intimidating. At this office I met a wonderful lady. She listened to me and watched those same tears in my eyes that I had wept on the walk home from school. She recognised my anguish and was so compassionate.
That wonderful lady told me,' there is a Tutor I would like you to meet but I'm not sure if she's available'.
This tutor and I met over a year ago now. This has been life changing for me, we will be friends for life.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Welcome to my World again,
I've had some problems reconnecting to my  'Blog', because I'm not computer  savvy and that I'm  not  very good at  spelling and grammer, this makes it hard to read instructions to keep writing my story. It is why I have to continue with my pages to you that wish to follow me.
Literacy  is the Biggest  struggle I have in life and I would like to share more of my Journey.
Please  keep reading my 'Blog' so I can help people out there understand that even people like myself can over come and enjoy life to the full and still work and play in the computer world.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Hello Friends, Thank you for being there, to read and follow me.
I'm being having problems at the moment. So please wait there for my third entry in very soon

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Well, here I am.

I smile at finding myself writing this Blog. Like many, many  people I have had challenges with Literacy. Even the word Literacy isn't easy to say or spell.
My journey began as a small child, scared of going to school. I did enjoy Art class though, as I didn't  need to write. Today I still enjoy creative arts.
At Primary school I was kept back in standard three twice, which meant I lost all my friends and became isolated. I left school at the end of fifth form when I was aged 16. The results said it all. School Certificate in 5 subjects- lowest English at 18%  and typing the highest at 39%. Wow, no surprises there. It was at College that this Literacy problem became troublesome.
I left school knowing my ABC's, knowing right from wrong and being respectful to others.

I am contemplating our abundant garden as I relax on the deck of our laid back, arty, comfortable cottage. It is good to take time to appreciate that I am a mother of two beautiful adult daughters and a cherished grandson. Joining me is my dearly loved partner, how like me, enjoys the rural vista after our day at work. I work full time as an Electronics Supervisor.