Friday, 19 February 2016

Car & Bike Show NZ

Well, its been such a long time for a post on here so +Tim Clark  thought
this would be a great start back.
 So check these out...
When the boys come out to play, they bring there toys.
      Proud owners showing you all what they can do,
      when time, patience and funds allow, together they will shine for you.
      If it's a car or that special bike, what a better place then to gather at one huge man shed,
      for the weekend and show off  their rides and be in the running for the People's Choice of the day
         loving this line up but a shame about the floor with no plants dotted around
         (must point that out to the team for next year)
       this Chevy Step Side look's mean in black
        Chevy's will always have my vote
          this shot was taken on my pizza run that day
          (best view from that ladder I reckon)
            Great to have a Rat Ride here
          There were around 50 bikes, great turn out this year,
            anyways....thanks for stopping by to view my Album to our Car & Bike show