Sunday, 28 June 2015

Give yourself time out

Enjoy the little things in life, be it just walking in your own garden, quick walk to the shops, visit an old friend. We don't  need to spend alot of money to have joy in our lifes.  Make this day a rememberable  one by sharing it with someone that makes you happy.
Live Love Laugh

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

No one will argue...
that sometimes filling out forms is a part of life, one can't escape.
for example, job applications, information for government departments. How do we understand the questions for important documents like, your passport, or driver's licence.
Learning how to drive a car was the easy part. It was the driving test that was the challenge.
My boyfriend at the time had an automatic Cortina.
 It was fun to learn to drive in it, with its bucket seats so you felt like you were in a racing car. The big steering wheel for good control, ha ha, so I thought, until a sharp corner, a big bus and me being on the wrong side of the road, reminded me very quickly it's not all fun and games.
All was fine that day, phew.
After driving around for almost two years taking everyone everywhere, on 'L' plates, it was time to do the "test".
It turn out in the late 70's you were allowed up to five questions wrong on the paper work, and I experienced a caring Police officer with some compassion back then.
I passed, Yahoo!, because this was my second attempt and I was so relieved that the officer didn't look outside when I left because I forgot  that I drove myself  there.
Maybe this was the same Police officer that I meet years later when I was pulled over for going a little too fast, ( I remember because it was only about 5km over the limit ) . It's not like I was so excited to start my shift at 8pm, when my babies were hugged, kissed and tucked into bed for the night. I wouldn't have thinking I'm dying to get to work quickly at all!.
So before those of you how think that any speed over the limit is dangerous, you would be so right.
The Police do an excellent job generally in keeping our community safe.