Friday, 27 May 2016

Hoarder Or Collector

Autumn is my favourite time of year, much like spring, the temperature is perfect, the tree's change into beautiful orange/ red/ yellow colours and full the parks with joy /peace/ tranquillity.

See, I'm a nester, who is constantly organising, re-organising, re-arranging, boxing up, clearing out, sorting and donating stuff. Our house can sometimes, well, nearly always, look like it's full of junk!,  boxes at the doorway ready to chuck in the boot, if anyone who knocks at my door at any given moment, I can nearly hear them thinking out loud, like... "Hell, there must be some sh*t  in that house, junk always coming out, not going in"!.

A small house can a-company the impression of heaps of  junk but we have good junk!. This doesn't help with an shopaholic partner (No, I know what you are thinking, it isn't me!, buying spare parts related to... cars/ hot-rods/ bikes and buses! etc). Sometimes our wee house can resemble a thrift shop, our a students flat. If we ever had to sell out, (trust me when I say, people have mention this kind of mission once or twice), the first thing the real-estate guys would say, 'you could de-clatter, make the lounge look more roomier', my reaction to that would be, 'heck, knowing that, I would've boxed up a tonne more of stuff before I even rang your office, gezz'. but the thought actually scares me a little to be honest.

I actually love cleaning and clearing (so the some-what junk, is super clean, okay)-it's just that, in doing so, I'm merely re-arranging stuff into other parts of the house!, I keep thinking of who could use this.. the neighbours daughter may like this dress or, I've been known to cart  stuff down the street, maybe the dudes setting up their first flat can do with this coffee table!. Some days my partner can be horrified at the thought of me simply rocking up at a random house, boot full of 'stuff and drop it on their doorstep, only knowing that this home could do with extra clothes and useful bits and pieces (clean, working stuff, not junk! as you may think).

I'm not the one to just chuck out, likewise, if my sister or friends have a clean out, I'm the first one they ring, why?, I dunno either!, Ha ha.

So, really, the cycle of  hoarding or collecting! is simply waiting (at my home) to be passed on to people that needs it.  What can I say, I can't help myself.

Be kind to others and they will be kind to you.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Mother's Day

 "Blink and they're be gone", were my Mothers' words of wisdom, when I was on the phone whining about how exhausted I was!.

"What do you mean...gone"?

They're still here!, Mum, they don't seem to go home!, even when they have got there own!

"Yes, I know", she reply's..."I meant, they're not under your feet, my dear".

Ha, my girls are not so much under my feet but more like, in you're face!.

My partner is worse at dealing with this then I, but when my partner starts to whine about my daughters riding the 'free' train too much, it kind da looses' its cuteness and harder to stay humble at my bigger babies'.
Let me explain...

they relax... to much! I love that they do, but listen...
they come and eat at leisure like an open cafĂ©, but bring nothing to the table, only complaining that there's nothing to eat here!, so feeling embarrassed with that comment, I rush around the kitchen making a quick snack, like a Quiche' or toasted sandwiches to feed them, trying to answer myself at this though in my head...I would have been simply happy with a cup of coffee!
This really gets under my partners skin, I run around after them, while they sit and watch! if they aim to pop in on days I'm baking his favourite Apple Pie!, well...that's not a bright idea girls, please note this message in the future my sweet ones, please just don't touch! (yeah, I know, it would be simpler to just make more pies Trina!)...they relax way to much!, as my poor hard done by partner puts it.

My two grown adult daughters kick back, enjoying the hotel like facilities, comfort and security with the added convenience to drop grandchild off as it suits, with little or no notice, when you may return, don't get me wrong, we cherish every minute this wee soul fills our hearts in our company, but we do have a life you know!

Then there's the silly items like a hammer, screw-drivers or glue gun to make their life's easier, they borrow things like it has no return policy!, I'm sure they love this game, use and abuse! my partner realize the minute they have finally gone home, the thought of stupid-ness run's over you, a vision that a "L" plate on your forehead that reads 'Loser' on it!

I am looking forward to this weekend in May, 8th, Mother's Day
I swore this year things will be a lot different. I'm not going to be home! I going to be selfish, run away to a time zone for pampering all day. Day Spa out of town with Me, Myself & I, does that sound selfish, you bet your sweet arse it does and I'm all good with that, but wait, if I welcome my daughters along with me, they could fit the bill.