Wednesday, 8 June 2016

For the Love... of Ageing

Having failed to be an early adapter, except, I'm happy to say, when it comes to ageing, that I've taken to it like a moth to a...oh...what's that, hot  flickering thing ? 

Anyway, there are two reason's for this.

Two reason's for what?

Oh, that's right, for being a good ager.

One, is that as it turns out, you don't necessary get wiser as you get older, you realise that no one scrutinises us as much as we scrutinises ourselves.

And Two, (being the second thing about being a good ager) failing eyesight.
It's definitely a bummer when you reach the point where you can no longer pluck your own eyebrows, because without your glasses, you can't see them, but with your glasses on, you can't get to them!.

I nearly blinded myself several times with the tweezers trying to rectify this awkward situation before figuring out that what I couldn't see needn't bother me anyway.

There's actually a lot to be said for checking yourself out in the mirror without being able to see the finer details, just be happy with a general impression.

If it's definitely me, in that mirror! and the colours are coordinated , you know what?, I'm all good to go. Some days if it's early in the morning, before my facial glands haven't waken up!, I can't even tell what I'm wearing, let alone notice a new wrinkle!, so shouting out the door feeling pleased as punch and apart from the time, I wore two different shoes and some kind stranger stopped me in the street to point that out, no-one has ever said a word.

We can cut down on the time spent worrying about dips and lumps and instead utilise those precious moments feeling fabulous.

Why not?, we could be hit by a bus tomorrow and then ageing would be irrelevant now wouldn't it!.

With that note, go have a super cool day folks