Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Well, here I am.

I smile at finding myself writing this Blog. Like many, many  people I have had challenges with Literacy. Even the word Literacy isn't easy to say or spell.
My journey began as a small child, scared of going to school. I did enjoy Art class though, as I didn't  need to write. Today I still enjoy creative arts.
At Primary school I was kept back in standard three twice, which meant I lost all my friends and became isolated. I left school at the end of fifth form when I was aged 16. The results said it all. School Certificate in 5 subjects- lowest English at 18%  and typing the highest at 39%. Wow, no surprises there. It was at College that this Literacy problem became troublesome.
I left school knowing my ABC's, knowing right from wrong and being respectful to others.

I am contemplating our abundant garden as I relax on the deck of our laid back, arty, comfortable cottage. It is good to take time to appreciate that I am a mother of two beautiful adult daughters and a cherished grandson. Joining me is my dearly loved partner, how like me, enjoys the rural vista after our day at work. I work full time as an Electronics Supervisor.