Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Essential, for Goodness Sake

Yes,'s Essential.

Do you wish too feel better, look better?

Is there any products in the market place that can really take good
 care of me!

Should high-quality supplements, vitamins, skin care and nutritional weight-loss products cost so much you can't afford them!
Could there be any weight loss products that taste any good and work!

Well, if anyone can, 'Usana' is the one you should trust.

I've loved everything about this company, for over 3yrs now, I've personally taken the vitamins, love the skin care, enjoyed the health shakes also the fabulous shampoo/conditioners and great toothpaste. I've enjoyed their Nutrimeal health shakes( Dutch Chocolate is my favourite )they're all fabulously yummo :)
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Simply view what amazing products that are available too you all, you will also find there a True-Health 'Free Health Assessment' and a personalised supplement recommendations, just click to begin.
Usana...yep, it's Essential.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Crafty Or Just Crazy

When a trip to a little shopping centre close to home is in order.
What a fabulous treat we were in for on this beautiful fine winters day.

Tree's, all the tree's in Greerton were snug as little bugs. All dress nicely in there finest knit wear, yep, every tree in town were wearing beautifully handmade jumpers!.

Some club out that way, must have got thinking one day, over tea and scones, hey, these trees in town must be feeling the cold this year, it's been pretty chilly lately, should we make up some jumpers for them! If we enjoy knitting, ( they sure do ) lets put our knitting needles to good use. And knit they did, to there hearts content.

 I've never seen such dedication taking care of the environment.

 In the spring, these 'Ornamental Cherry Blossom Tree's' are full of fabulous pink blossom, so maybe it's this kind of loving that makes them shine so well.

Over 10 'Tree's' in total with knitted Jumpers on!.

Big, Bright & Beautiful

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Domestic Bliss!, Ha, What a Joke

Domestics seem to come natural, if not willingly, to others but sadly not to me. Let me just share with you what's on my mind.

I've had the same vacuum cleaner for almost 20 years now and can I remember how to put it back in the cupboard!, without its pipes acting like a sex-starved octopus?

No, I can't.

Every time it fights me back, until I end up screaming obscenities and slamming the door no matter what bits of it are still sticking out. No wonder it hates me.

So too does the oven. It knows I'm a woman of a certain vintage and has therefore deliberately faded the already tiny icons around the controls so that I haven't a clue what setting it is on.

I'm challenged enough in the cooking department  without having the equipment turn against me, is it really so bad that I either undercook everything or burn it to a crisp? If I could see what I was doing with those silly little dials, maybe there'd be an improvement. I'm better off I reckon, to hiring an in house chef for our health.

I confess, I was delighted recently when an expert cook accidentally flambĂ©ed her famous chicken dish on fan bake! It highlighted the fact that we really don't know how fan bake works.

As for fan grill, this same expert cook has had her new oven for three years and still has to check the instruction book every time she wants to use it!

"There's also a setting that's good if you're doing two trays of cookies, but again, I'd have to look at the book to know which one," she says. So you see, I don't stand a chance with a new model stove in this house. Makes you think perhaps we're better off going back to living in tents and throwing some sticks on the fire to roast a pigeon.

I think I've told you before that our ancient Kenwood mixer is on a suicide mission and works its way across the bench-top so it can throw itself on the floor, but now I think the fridge is out to get me too!
It's started making the loudest, most horrible noise but only when I leave the room, when I come back in to look at it, it stops.

I've brought it on myself with my abuse of the vacuum cleaner and possibly also repeated threats to replace the Kenwood. But what have I done to the oven other than torture perfectly good food and loudly state my preference for barbecuing.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

This Happened...

I'm going to bore you guys to tears with these updates, but it must come to an end soon, right!. To exciting not to share stuff that is finished with our little project 'the bus' , check it out...the Grill is going back on, Yay. #FixThePlus

Almost time to 'Hit the Road'

Dinning Table
The Kitchen
...and more about the bus... One way to test a relationship, is to work in confine cubbyhole like conditions, restricting your arm length to hit someone!, but we had passed the test...for now anyway.

This has surprisingly come together quite  well, we are on the same page, thank goodness.

The  piggy bank is still rattling, until it's not, we will carry on playing.
We love 'Trade-Me' for all the bargains, lead- light windows from Christchurch, plenty on the market place, result from the earthquakes back in 2011-12, brought two at $70ea.

NZ Kauri wood for our table top, donated kindly from a friend, thanks Grant.
Curtains: material also a trade-me buy, from Blenheim, South Island $20, gone throughout the whole bus, made by yours truly!, it's funny when someone mentions, hey Trina!, you could make those up, easy aye!. ummm sure, piece a cake, right!, well, they are still up, so let's just go with that for now. 

Peace beads are a must.. that's right aye, +S. Bradley Stoner , we have a good handful up there just for you my friend..