Wednesday, 13 May 2015

You'll  soon discover that I am besotted  by  the most handsome, clever, sensitive, young man.
This is undoubtedly, my most treasured  grandson, who is now 2 years and 6 months. I am so lucky to have the joy, delight, humour, company and love of this little chap.
He provides us with entertainment and cherished moments of bliss. This is such a happy time in our lives. Our grandson is a fabulous boy. He is such a happy and sociable child, who enjoys people.
At about 8 months our grandson was introduced to day care while my daughter adjusted back into full time Accounting. As his Nana, I took half days on Wednesdays to help care for this wee man so that my daughter could relax at work knowing he was with a familiar, loving face. 
Fortunately, my flexible work  allows me to start early and to make up hours lost. I  would take the little tacker home for lunch and have a little play before nap time. My partner would, funnily enough,  finish early on Wednesdays, to get a play in before he was needing sleep. It's been a pleasure
watching this little guy grow into a toddler before our very eyes.
Remembering that a few short months ago I would hold him in my arms to rock him to sleep and feel myself  welling up with happy tears at what a beautiful job my daughter and her husband  are giving the life of this wee soul and the joy he in turn gives us.