Friday, 14 October 2016

We are still waiting for 'Summer'

I'll put the jug on!

We are still holding on to winter here and day-light-saving is here in NZ, I'm getting a little excited.

 It's warming up, so that must mean Summer is knocking at the door!.

Looking forward to seeing all my pretty flowers that like to pop up every year
all by themselves, they're good like that.

It's like a garden of surprises' when you walk around, bulbs are showing their little heads and of course the weeds are pushing there way through too, but that's okay if you start picking at them early enough, bucket in hand.

So now that the weather is warming up and we have more day light to play outside
to get busy with the yard, was such a wet winter, it's time to get into this garden and 
knock arse. Thinking of changing...everything! what you see here... path is going to be a tiled court
yard, like the idea to simply walk out to more clear area for a social entertaining space.

Please, feel free to give me some ideas.

I would love to see some comments on new fresh ideas.
About to change this path!
Good idea or not?

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

'Life', it's all about change

Yes, change is a good thing!, Right!!

I've shared with a bunch of my close friends, all about a life changing adventure I've gone right ahead and brought!. ( so it's all too damn late to advise me differently now people😝 ) but, have you any idea how scary this is!.

Have you never let go of a long time comfort zone job that you have hold on to since..heck since, FOREVER!.

My day use to be full of  wire/machines/cold concrete floors/poor lighting and bad coffee!.

As from Monday next week, I will be my own boss ( WoopWoop ) zooming around in this little number you see below👇.

Air-Con here I come. Ask me, go on, ask me ," What the hell are you doing, Trina"!.

And I would stare back at you like a ridiculously panicked individual, with that long blanked look, when you see on someone, just before they bust into tears and they say, ' I don't know'.

But wait!, there's a really good side to this crazy move I've made, let me just say, ( I'll say it out loud so I can convince myself, its going to be AMAZING), 'its only when I leave, will they understand I was misunderstood all this time of my talent here, they will realize that after 30+ years of  reliable service, I should have got more recognition looking after this firm and have a mentioned to you, I haven't had a pay-rise for over 8years!'.

 So with that alone, I will be super reliable to myself and the people of Tauranga, will benefit from my loyalty.
Check out my Office!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sunrise in Paradise

When you have the opportunity to start your morning so early you witness the most beautiful, breath taking moment of your day, it's right then when you realise, its going to be the best day NEVER.