Tuesday, 11 October 2016

'Life', it's all about change

Yes, change is a good thing!, Right!!

I've shared with a bunch of my close friends, all about a life changing adventure I've gone right ahead and brought!. ( so it's all too damn late to advise me differently now people😝 ) but, have you any idea how scary this is!.

Have you never let go of a long time comfort zone job that you have hold on to since..heck since, FOREVER!.

My day use to be full of  wire/machines/cold concrete floors/poor lighting and bad coffee!.

As from Monday next week, I will be my own boss ( WoopWoop ) zooming around in this little number you see below👇.

Air-Con here I come. Ask me, go on, ask me ," What the hell are you doing, Trina"!.

And I would stare back at you like a ridiculously panicked individual, with that long blanked look, when you see on someone, just before they bust into tears and they say, ' I don't know'.

But wait!, there's a really good side to this crazy move I've made, let me just say, ( I'll say it out loud so I can convince myself, its going to be AMAZING), 'its only when I leave, will they understand I was misunderstood all this time of my talent here, they will realize that after 30+ years of  reliable service, I should have got more recognition looking after this firm and have a mentioned to you, I haven't had a pay-rise for over 8years!'.

 So with that alone, I will be super reliable to myself and the people of Tauranga, will benefit from my loyalty.
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