Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Time, we have to use it wisely

Time, we have to use it wisely. This month of July is nearly over, Twenty Fridays left until Christmas, so they say, so that means twenty pay days left...eek.
Oh my goodness, I've got my Mum, two daughter's and two brother's birthdays to pay out for in that time, I should start saving more but I have to spend some on the fabulous top I spotted, that book I like the cover of, then there's that trip out of town next weekend.
I better put my wine glass down and start making a new plan. I'm feeling slightly worse now that my head has cleared, as I discover my year will zoom quicker than I imagined. The situation needs my attention sooner rather than later.
Only a few months ago, I had a crazy idea that this year instead of staying at home to detox on lettuce leaves over our summer break, with the essential wine or three, I would put away a little extra every week so we could rent a beach house for us all to spend Christmas together ( relaxing away after a busy, hard  work year )
O.K maybe this is next years plan and I'm super ahead of myself, yeah, that's it! next year, in that case I have heaps of time... phew.
Now, where did I leave my glass of wine?