Friday, 18 March 2016

I'll Write It quickly.....DENTIST it doesn't hurt so much.

It could be said, 'I'm not overly keen about the Dentists'. In fact, since I was a little kid back in the day, going dutifully to the 'murder house' for dental visits, I've always been a fail in the enamel stakes.

My older siblings seem to have perfect-white-hard cavity free kind of teeth and I got the short straw with pretty crappy ones. At school, my sisters would dance along to the dentist, while I would reach for every drinking fountain on the way hoping this would work magic.
However, times have changed. Last time I had an emergency and trust me , I've had a few! my fabulous dentist kindly told me, it might be good if I came to see him when it wasn't as a tooth was  about to drop out or an abscess about to explode in my head. It's preventative dentistry!, who knew?
So... lately I've been a model patient, going along before I need to be sedated or airlifted to hospital.
Last week I even went to the dentist hygienist!, why, I dunno really, I must have had extra coins or something, but for an hour, I felt both cleansed and slightly disgusted by myself.

The thing about my own dentist is he plays DVD's on the ceiling TV, so you can watch Mr Bean or the picturesque landscapes of Ireland as you lie there white-knuckling it.
But, last week, someone had replaced the rolling hills of Cork and Mr Beans Holiday with a animal Doco featuring mating lions and a crocodile drowning and devouring some kind of giant moose...
I'm not sure if this helped or made the experience worse but it certainly was an education.

In case you're interested lions don't appear to be great lovers and if you are caught out swimming with crocodiles, you have a pretty good chance you aren't making it out alive.

"Hi, my name is Trina, I have clean teeth and a vaster knowledge of animal breeding"