Wednesday, 1 April 2015

continuing on...

although I have a learning difficulty in my life, I have been blessed with skills to discover  how to do the Arts I enjoy.
Crafts such as quilting, mosaics, gardening, bottling  jam and pickles which I find rewarding.
Nothing too complicated. Frequently, I simply followed the illustrations (pictures).
When my children needed me to help them as a parent, I felt I may have let my girls down.
Reading a bedtime story, for example, would scare me.
I didn't wont to look dumb to my girls, so I made up words to fit the story, thinking they were too young to know the difference (ha ha).
I was unable to help them with homework even at their early age and as they grew older I made myself  too busy. I knew their Dad was better at this homework job than I was.
My girls found school easier then most. Now they both have great full time careers with wonderful futures ahead of them. They are confident, professional, honest women. Everyday they make me proud..
Unsurprisingly, I continue to have trouble reading. A restaurant menu is still hard work. 
I look for words which are easy to read  or resort to that boring known choice.
Do you realize how challenging  it is, when looking through a magazine, to do a simple crossword or to understand short stories.
This frustrates the hell out of me !
Mostly I find pleasure looking at nature. Bumblebees, butterflies, trees and gardens, the beauty of  the simple things in life. All the wildlife and scenery that mother nature gives us, free to enjoy.
This reminds me to stop, relax, slow down and enjoy life more. I've started to do that, thanks to my
Tutor and my loving partner. I see that I don't have to be perfect. I have plenty to offer with  the talents I have.