Friday, 19 August 2016

Crafty Or Just Crazy

When a trip to a little shopping centre close to home is in order.
What a fabulous treat we were in for on this beautiful fine winters day.

Tree's, all the tree's in Greerton were snug as little bugs. All dress nicely in there finest knit wear, yep, every tree in town were wearing beautifully handmade jumpers!.

Some club out that way, must have got thinking one day, over tea and scones, hey, these trees in town must be feeling the cold this year, it's been pretty chilly lately, should we make up some jumpers for them! If we enjoy knitting, ( they sure do ) lets put our knitting needles to good use. And knit they did, to there hearts content.

 I've never seen such dedication taking care of the environment.

 In the spring, these 'Ornamental Cherry Blossom Tree's' are full of fabulous pink blossom, so maybe it's this kind of loving that makes them shine so well.

Over 10 'Tree's' in total with knitted Jumpers on!.

Big, Bright & Beautiful