Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Foundation, is really a girls best Friend

This read is for the lady's, sorry guys,go fetch us a glass of wine could yeah, that'll be great, thanks.
Foundation! Do you chicks have a favourite!, like me for years you have continued to return to your trusted chemist, every so often. It might be weeks/ months if you are like me to make the expensive bottle last as long as the budget will allow. I've spent a small fortune on new, amazing foundations that make you think you look year's younger, Liar, Liar, pants on fire to them. But, still, I go back to the original foundation every time. I will ponder over the huge range thats on the market looking for that one thats going to make me look youthful, you know, the one that doesn't make you break out, covers imperfections and stays on all day kind of foundation. I'm a Revlon 'Honey Dew' kind of girl and to hear the words....I'm sorry madam but it has been discontinued!, I'm sorry...what!!. Bewildered and mortified, standing there, I'm stunned. It's been discontinued!,, no more as in, this shop doesn't stock it anymore or can't get it in New Zealand!. She looks at me then with a hush tone in her voice shouting it at me like I wasn't going to understand if she didn't . As she opened her mouth at me, my mind ran away with the thought, I'll have to fly to freakin London to prove my existence,wait, thats okay, I have a sweet blogger friend that lives there. I'll be like...Adele, I'm coming over to stock pile what could be what's left out there, the thought calmed me down having to come to terms with this shocking news. Can I exist with a colour change!, will I have a face no- one recognizes!. My heavy heart left the shop. Wondering for a short time the world must have stopped, sitting in my car for the trip home. I felt a little odd to say the least, this was very much a big deal and I'm not happy. But I will move on from this while I looked down at this colour change on the seat opposite me hoping it will serve me well, this not so favourite colour, yet!'Golden Sands'. Guess what, the world is still moving along and no one die, but hey
...guys, guys...where's my wine 🍷

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

If the answer is no, I maybe able to help you.


I have a Boutique retail outlet for the work of talented artists and well validated products. If you would like to purchase original, quality gifts for your loved ones, I have the answers to your Christmas shopping here online.
What could be easier and more rewarding?

Would you like merchandise or souvenirs from New Zealand?

Would you be interested in personalised art works?

Is there a new baby who would be warmed by a New Zealand wool sweater?

Who would enjoy beautiful skin care and health products?

...(I'm sure the blokes out there would be interested in the Chevvy in my driveway! but sorry folks if the Chevvy leaves the property my partner may not be too impressed)


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

It's Rewarding to Give and Receive

When I started out to write this 'blog', it was first designed to make the reader aware of how difficult reading, writing and spelling can be. I've noticed in the entries of my blog that it's more about, having a new vision around how people carry their mind, body and soul.
So many people are challenged by learning disabilities every day, like me.
I'm just high-lighting the fact it doesn't need to be a disability. You don't need to hide from it.
Carry your head high, it's a way to show to yourself and others, you have what it takes to be happy, confident and contribute to life.
Try something new; spend time walking around a children's hospital ward, volunteer at a Red Cross, visit a animals shelter, to watch caring people make a difference to children and the poor.
They don't care if you can't read or write well, but they will know "You Have a Heart That Cares".
Look around, we all have something to offer in the places we call home.

                                             You were created to make somebody
                                                           else's life better.

                                                     Somebody needs your smile.

                                          They need your love, your encouragement
                                                            and your gifts.
                                                                                         -Joel Osteen

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Building Relationships

We all have life journeys to create.
The question is... are we all happy with our Life so far?
It's never too late to change or add something new that can be rewarding to make it a better and happier journey.
Have you hugged your children lately?. It doesn't matter how young or old they are - share a quiet moment when you get the chance, when they are on their own, girls..boys or men, some don't like affection in public, so don't make a fuss in crowds. Put your arms out for a hug, don't be afraid to tell them you love them and are proud of them. We all need to hear that out loud often.
Maybe organize a break away to enjoy some happy times, together and make memories that are waiting to be savoured.
It doesn't even need to be far from home, camping ground down the road!. Staying at a backpackers could be fun. Meeting new people that have travelled the world, they may surprise you with friendships that can last a life time or interesting conversations that will be remembered, new contacts and places can be interesting and exciting experiences.
Have you tried making something  with your own hands?, something you can share with your family e.g; build a project together that the whole family can be involved in!. Look around your yard maybe make a starling box paint it the some as the house/shed maybe the fence, try your hand at paving!. A path to the clothes line or in the garden shed made from scraps of bricks. Think of idea's to enjoy a Sunday lunch together filled with fun and laughter.
If you can fill a room with crazy family members...then my friends you have have -Love-

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Spring is in the Air

                                            Spring is here!
                                            but time will tell when Summer will arrive,
                                            Let the fun time's visit this house,
                                            for all of us to thrive.
                                            Gardens will grow, people will come with stories to flow.
                                            Great memories to store.
                                             Can this last all year long till  the next season rolls on.
                                             Only  you & I will remember to hold,
                                             what next year has install.



Saturday, 12 September 2015

Summer ?

 are you on your way!
It feels such a long time ago, are we fools, 
 we have been waiting  for you all year 
please be here soon!.
This winter has held on it seems.
                                                       We have had to much rain!,
                                                        to many cold nights,
                                                         please be here soon!.
                                                      Why so many weather problems!.
                                 for the first time we are looking forward to the outdoors,
                                             when are we meant to start enjoy finer days!
                                            more warmer evenings, more family fun times.
                                                                 please be here soon!.

                                             Our grandson will be 3 years old this Christmas
                                                  and we can't wait to take him places,
                                                    to play, to run, to simply have fun
                                                                 please be here soon!.

                                                  My Grandson & I enjoying cuddles as always



Thursday, 10 September 2015

Best house in the Street

                                   We have a rental in Waihi NZ, she's been ours for 10 years
                                   now and its time to give her a paint job. The tenant was wrapped
                                   that we have gone to all that time and trouble for her!  
                                   We have a great and happy tenant but the idea to take this big
                                   job on painting a 100 year old Kauri Villa wasn't to make her
                                    feel good I tell you, this old girl was tired and was in  great 
                                   need of some TLC taken a while to like the colour choice but we
                                   have come around to it now, warmer feel about it then full out
                                  What do you guys think? thumbs up or not so much!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Open for Business #SoulFoodAndCo

Open for Business
I had a dream to open a little store of my own one day, selling flowers, mosaics, craft, books and bric-a-brac.
I'd hoped to bring a smile to the face of my customers. Of course I wanted to be a little reminder for people to enjoy life more and to be an inspiration to reduce the pressures we carry around every day.
This little shop would be stocked not only by my own art but also by the talent of my neighbours and community. It would be such a welcoming place that people would like to linger. This lead to ideas of a B&B on the property.
It's hard to believe that this dream has materialised!
Okay, it's in a different form to that which I originally aspired, however something better has happened.
I have opened my dream shop online. #SoulFoodAndCo
I am reminded of Steve Jobs Quote:" The Only Way To Do Great Work Is To Love What You Do"
When you visit, you will see, personalised crafts including Mosaics, Mirrors, Wall Hangings and many more unique items. Also I'm a distributor of Usana health & body products. ( this includes health shakes, vitamins, personal health care eg, shampoos & conditioners, toothpaste, full range of skin care produces ).https://trinas-healthy-side,
Encouragement to dream comes with a strong recommendation from me. Don't stop dreaming. Dreams can come true.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

You don't know what you don't know

I'm going to let you beautiful people in on a little secret.
I've been keeping this to myself recently, well most of my blogging career ( four short months ).
Things have been going along swimmingly and that's really okay with me.
Creative inspiration only lasts a matter of a few minutes for me. I'm a busy little beaver most of the time.
Back to the secret...yes, as most of  you will have guessed  ( nobody tells you these things ) those little square boxes to your right where 'followers' can put their little, smiley faces or something that we can recognise you by.
Here's the thing... I didn't know how to get these little boxes up on my blog in the first place.
So my dear blogger friend  +Alisha Trost   kindly told me step by step how to do this and Boom, up came +Jeremy Crow in my very first square. Welcome to you and  Alisha, I'm honoured to have you both on board.
It's a waiting game for me now, anticipating the rest of  you popping your portraits on my blog too.
I'm eager to follow the excitement and enthusiasm  to master this new hobby to keep up with you.
Over the last few months I've met some awesome people online who I would never have thought I would call friends.
Occasionally in my comments I realise each of you are really only a conversation in a queue away from becoming long time friends.
What I do know is that I have met some amazing people who have shown generosity, kindness, humour and wisdom. I love you all for that.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Banana Cake date...

It's hard to believe, that my partner of  16 years welcomed me into his heart and home.
He was single, never being married, had no children and owned his own home.
Me, on the other hand, had been married for 14 years, was in the middle of a divorce, had two children age 9 and 12 at that time and was in the process of selling the family home and organising new financials.
A wee bit messier then 'his' ordered life.
But he soon made it his mission to fix this mess.
We met through a friend we both knew. Her son was to have his first birthday party and we were both invited knowing the other would be there ( kind of a blind date so to speak ).
My partner and I didn't even talk at the party, we were too busy observing and watching each other I guess.
A long week later we made arrangements to meet over at Pilot Bay for a coffee.
I arrived with a rug, thermos of coffee and two slices of freshly baked banana cake.
He must have thought, "Cool!, this hasn't cost me anything yet, lets see where this leads".
His shyness and my reserve meant that our relationship moved slowly.
We became good friends and over the next few months we grew fond of each other and enjoyed the excitement of  a new romance. This man was quickly becoming a great father figure to my children. It was easy to fall for this guy. He was my rock in those troubled times.
He showed me how to open my mind and heart again.
" To live fully again you have to be at the bottom", he said, " start over and begin to see what life has to offer. Enjoy the little things. Watch a sunset across the water, picnic in the park, close your eyes and listen to music and holding hands". 
These small, simple and significant things brought happiness.
We still picnic, watch sunsets', listen to music and hold hands.
My man is good! Life is good.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


They say you shouldn't do anything by halves! Clearly this is not me
Ridiculously, I love everything chocolate...
I can eat chocolate anytime, day or night, I can snack as I walk around the house, snack as I read (this draft). I can even snack preparing to eye up another square of  delicious, mouth watering chocolate.
At the moment my whole thinking and being is consumed by something as ridiculous and unimportant as chocolate.
I think nonstop about the stuff.
As I admit this to you, it's actually making me giggle typing this.
Monday is supermarket day. I hate the day as a rule, it is my weekly chore but it's a great and exciting time to venture down that favourite isle to fetch-well you get what I mean. Treating ourselves, yes I'm going to drag my partner who is responsible  for this addiction in to this conversation.
When we are having a simple cup of coffee in town, the barista will say, " would you like cinnamon or chocolate on your coffee",. I'm like..."honey, we have come into this lovely café for sometime now and you might well remember what my topping is...chocolate"!
Okay let's play the game of guilt out loud.
Why do we feel guilty!, Chocolate is made for happiness and enjoyment, right!. I choose dark chocolate (Whittaker's).and if you think I'm on a dangerous path, well, I am.
Easter, I love this time of the year. I'm a sucker for the bunnies, marsh mellows,crème eggs. What type of chocoholic are you?.
One by one, it doesn't take long feeling like I have stepped over my quota for the day-week-month.
So, yes, go have a slice of  the goodness but make sure it's dark chocolate to make you feel a little less guilty.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Time, we have to use it wisely

Time, we have to use it wisely. This month of July is nearly over, Twenty Fridays left until Christmas, so they say, so that means twenty pay days left...eek.
Oh my goodness, I've got my Mum, two daughter's and two brother's birthdays to pay out for in that time, I should start saving more but I have to spend some on the fabulous top I spotted, that book I like the cover of, then there's that trip out of town next weekend.
I better put my wine glass down and start making a new plan. I'm feeling slightly worse now that my head has cleared, as I discover my year will zoom quicker than I imagined. The situation needs my attention sooner rather than later.
Only a few months ago, I had a crazy idea that this year instead of staying at home to detox on lettuce leaves over our summer break, with the essential wine or three, I would put away a little extra every week so we could rent a beach house for us all to spend Christmas together ( relaxing away after a busy, hard  work year )
O.K maybe this is next years plan and I'm super ahead of myself, yeah, that's it! next year, in that case I have heaps of time... phew.
Now, where did I leave my glass of wine?

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Clear Winter Days in the Bay

While it is cold , the mornings frosty and light winds, our days are fabulous! The sky is so blue and the clouds are like dollops of candy floss. When we wonder along the shore as the tide is coming in we notice the beauty of patterns. The small shells rolled into rope like formations, the waves with their white crests interweave and overlap  each other as they roll towards the shore. Even the gulls make patterns as they stand to attention. We enjoy the pattern of our breathing as we inhale and exhale this wonderful clear and fresh air. Looking out to sea we dream about the origins of the little islands that dot the coastline. We marvel  at the natural vegetation and how it clings to bare rock. These short, free, peaceful meditations put our lives in perspective.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Give yourself time out

Enjoy the little things in life, be it just walking in your own garden, quick walk to the shops, visit an old friend. We don't  need to spend alot of money to have joy in our lifes.  Make this day a rememberable  one by sharing it with someone that makes you happy.
Live Love Laugh

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

No one will argue...
that sometimes filling out forms is a part of life, one can't escape.
for example, job applications, information for government departments. How do we understand the questions for important documents like, your passport, or driver's licence.
Learning how to drive a car was the easy part. It was the driving test that was the challenge.
My boyfriend at the time had an automatic Cortina.
 It was fun to learn to drive in it, with its bucket seats so you felt like you were in a racing car. The big steering wheel for good control, ha ha, so I thought, until a sharp corner, a big bus and me being on the wrong side of the road, reminded me very quickly it's not all fun and games.
All was fine that day, phew.
After driving around for almost two years taking everyone everywhere, on 'L' plates, it was time to do the "test".
It turn out in the late 70's you were allowed up to five questions wrong on the paper work, and I experienced a caring Police officer with some compassion back then.
I passed, Yahoo!, because this was my second attempt and I was so relieved that the officer didn't look outside when I left because I forgot  that I drove myself  there.
Maybe this was the same Police officer that I meet years later when I was pulled over for going a little too fast, ( I remember because it was only about 5km over the limit ) . It's not like I was so excited to start my shift at 8pm, when my babies were hugged, kissed and tucked into bed for the night. I wouldn't have thinking I'm dying to get to work quickly at all!.
So before those of you how think that any speed over the limit is dangerous, you would be so right.
The Police do an excellent job generally in keeping our community safe.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Boy, was I naive!
When I think back at the way I have described myself in the pass e.g. stupid and dumb, I realise that maybe that there was some truth in this.
There was a time when I lived in Australia, a little suburb called Arncliffe in Sydney. I lived in a one bedroomed, self contained flat at the back of a house. It was cockroach infested. Eek! but it was cheap. I had a job at a car franchise on a busy main vein into the city. Well I remember there,was a yummy bakery right across the highway that made the most divine Apricot Danish. They were to die for (now I know where that phrase come from).
At lunchtime every day I would take my orders and make my way to the front of the yard and plan my death defying sprint  across that eight lane highway, with the cheers from the guys from the work shop out the back. They had organised  their own seating strategically for this daily entertainment, but it was  worth every mouthful.
For a short time, I worked  for another business I found advertised on a small notice board at the local train station " Assembler wanted, must speak English and be reliable". Yep that's me.
I was so excited by the opportunity for any interview, landed the job. Surprisingly, I didn't notice I was only one of two employees. I worked with a Chinese guy, same age but very poor English. We understood each other and had fun. The place echoed as is was an enormous factory. It was too big and creepy. I was amused however that they exported  plastic S bends to New Zealand.
Now, I know I'm reliable and may not spell or read English well, but speak it I can. Assembling is my specialty and I proudly put in over a months work at this firm until the boss made his move on me.
I was gone! but not until he heard just how good my verbal English was that day.
Australia wasn't a good experience for me back then. One can't put this down to the lack of education, you can experience inappropriate behaviour anywhere not just the work place, when you are a ravishing beauty as I am.
In hindsight I could have had better knowledge on how to deal with such behaviour. How to fight back, how to write a report on what happened, how to fill out forms etc. It just becomes too scary. In my case I just moved on and put it behind me. Much has changed from the 80's. There are places now that will listen and help people like me, to overcome self doubt and abuse.
I love the saying in the movie " Help"
You is kind ...You is smart...You is important...

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The recent celebration of Mother's Day has left me thankful for the two Beautiful Daughters to whom I am a mother. I mentioned my younger daughter in my previous Blog about our grandson.
However it is my delight to also mention my older daughter.
This daughter is multi-talented and works for a large corporation in Auckland. She has conscientiously worked her way up to a position of responsibility.
Acting is a lucrative hobby for this daughter. She has starred in television commercials and  has played character roles in our own New Zealand  favourite programme, Shortland Street.
My girl has also starred in a mini series that has yet to be screened.
There are so many reasons to love this daughter. She is blessed with a great figure and a beautiful smile. She is well groomed, fit and enjoys following the latest  trends and  fashions. She has a  bubbly personality  and is a loving, caring person. She is supported by a great partner.
Being a parent is so rewarding.
To keep our relationships fun, my daughters and I have planned another weekend away together for some intoxicating laughter.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

You'll  soon discover that I am besotted  by  the most handsome, clever, sensitive, young man.
This is undoubtedly, my most treasured  grandson, who is now 2 years and 6 months. I am so lucky to have the joy, delight, humour, company and love of this little chap.
He provides us with entertainment and cherished moments of bliss. This is such a happy time in our lives. Our grandson is a fabulous boy. He is such a happy and sociable child, who enjoys people.
At about 8 months our grandson was introduced to day care while my daughter adjusted back into full time Accounting. As his Nana, I took half days on Wednesdays to help care for this wee man so that my daughter could relax at work knowing he was with a familiar, loving face. 
Fortunately, my flexible work  allows me to start early and to make up hours lost. I  would take the little tacker home for lunch and have a little play before nap time. My partner would, funnily enough,  finish early on Wednesdays, to get a play in before he was needing sleep. It's been a pleasure
watching this little guy grow into a toddler before our very eyes.
Remembering that a few short months ago I would hold him in my arms to rock him to sleep and feel myself  welling up with happy tears at what a beautiful job my daughter and her husband  are giving the life of this wee soul and the joy he in turn gives us.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

While my garden winds me down, frequently questions from others wind me up.
People often ask me why I am still in the job I have had for over thirty years. For the first ten to fifteen years. I would reply 'EASY'. I like the work and enjoyed making electronics.
Winding, soldering and assembling was fun as I'm dexterous and  enjoy working with my hands.
Then the hours suited me, doing forty hours a week and taking some work home for extra money.
Of course, when my girls were young I worked nine to three. This flexibility suited well, so it wasn't about the money or lack of it at that time. We were a two income household and doing fine.
You probably won't be surprised  to hear that after my marriage ended, the hourly rate I earned really mattered.  
Being on my own was a huge challenge. I had no education, no certificates even for the skills I had
learnt along the way.
This line of work, electronics field, had seen me through  all those years and didn't call for any certificates. Lucky, some would say.
People ask me why are you still in this job after all these years?
I'm in my 50's now! I don't answer them.
I've been in this firm all my working life and still in a low income bracket. I'm not silly or stupid, just not  sufficiently educated.
I'm clever at the job I do, I'm honest, loyal, reliable and a tax paying citizen.
When kids finish school these days and some may slip through the system as I did, I hope they will find some words of wisdom here to help their struggle.
So often we are recognised for our mistake or failures and not for our efforts and achievements in life.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The beauty of nature can be rewarding.
Like the quiet sitting, relaxing on the beach, in the park or in a friends back garden.
So often we listen to life's pressures. What others think we want e.g. new T.V, new phone, new car
and trendy furniture.
Generally we are quite happy and contented with what we already have.
Why do we allow ourselves to be overcome with pressure to keep up? Is it because we  risk being labelled unsuccessful, not on trend?  I'm sure those of us who land on our feet through hard work and determination, at some point would  enjoy a swap for the simple life " the gypsy way", I call it.
I put so much stress on myself, listening to the external messages, as I get older. I sometimes think  that I should be further ahead than I am. However when I think back to my childhood I often remember how we enjoyed the little we had. Having a vegetable garden to help put food on the table, preserving, making clothes by sewing and knitting.
I find it so rewarding to give away hand crafted items and receive them, knowing the effort and love
that's gone into them.
My point is, that I am a person of value and talent, despite my literary  challenges. I am worthy and consider myself wealthy in the best things in life. For me to be happy, I find peace within myself, am more content  and relaxed and  remember that 'Life is short'. These thoughts come easily to me when I'm surrounded by the beauty of my garden.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

 -Anne Lamott- a fabulous Quote:
Oh my God, what if you wake up some day, and you're 65 or 75,
and you never got your memoir or novel written,
or you didn't go swimming in warm pools and oceans all those years because your thighs were jiggly and you had a nice big comfortable tummy,
or you were just so strung up on perfectionism and people pleasing that you forgot to have a big  juicy creative life,
of imagination and radical silliness and staring off into space like when you were a kid?
Its going to break your heart.
Don't let this happen.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A lack of confidence can get in the way of achieving even the little things in life, if you have Dyslexia as I have.
Self doubt can be my worst enemy. Judgement on everything I do can affect how I judge other people around me. It can make me have jealous, unhealthy thoughts. It can effect weight gain to some and weight loss to others. You don't think of yourself as worthy to take on the bigger things, I would be the first one to put my hand up and be guilty of this.
I have discovered that comparing myself with others is a waste of  energy and self destructive.
I remind myself  we all have gifts to share but the rewards may not be what we hoped it would be.
Do you realize that we can be content being happy with the simple things in life. Contentment can make us healthier and live longer.
When things are free, like a smile, a hug, a friendly wave or a kind thankyou, you can make a big difference to someone's day. 
It is exciting to think about what I have yet to discover about my life and the world.
This challenge they call Dyslexia will always be part of my life but the difference that my lovely Tutor has taught me is...
This is not a disability, it is the ability to be who I am.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

continuing on...

although I have a learning difficulty in my life, I have been blessed with skills to discover  how to do the Arts I enjoy.
Crafts such as quilting, mosaics, gardening, bottling  jam and pickles which I find rewarding.
Nothing too complicated. Frequently, I simply followed the illustrations (pictures).
When my children needed me to help them as a parent, I felt I may have let my girls down.
Reading a bedtime story, for example, would scare me.
I didn't wont to look dumb to my girls, so I made up words to fit the story, thinking they were too young to know the difference (ha ha).
I was unable to help them with homework even at their early age and as they grew older I made myself  too busy. I knew their Dad was better at this homework job than I was.
My girls found school easier then most. Now they both have great full time careers with wonderful futures ahead of them. They are confident, professional, honest women. Everyday they make me proud..
Unsurprisingly, I continue to have trouble reading. A restaurant menu is still hard work. 
I look for words which are easy to read  or resort to that boring known choice.
Do you realize how challenging  it is, when looking through a magazine, to do a simple crossword or to understand short stories.
This frustrates the hell out of me !
Mostly I find pleasure looking at nature. Bumblebees, butterflies, trees and gardens, the beauty of  the simple things in life. All the wildlife and scenery that mother nature gives us, free to enjoy.
This reminds me to stop, relax, slow down and enjoy life more. I've started to do that, thanks to my
Tutor and my loving partner. I see that I don't have to be perfect. I have plenty to offer with  the talents I have.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hi my followers, Just thought I'd  update you about my 'Blog' . The purpose of which is to tell of my struggle with Dyslexia throughout my life. This process is still a bit new to me.
I am researching how to add more interest and to add pictures to my Blog. I would be happy to receive constructive comments and feed back.
..I was busy  and satisfied in my job but now that I'm older, I value myself better and see that I have tolerated  my job which doesn't  fulfil  me anymore.
I have always considered myself as "slow-dumb"
It might amaze you that people who may appear clever, could also be hiding the same challenges of Dyslexia. They too have learned to hide there struggle by clever coping strategies.
I have stopped putting myself down and have decided  to be happy with who I am and 'JUST BE ME'.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

...I remember a teacher telling me on my last day of school "Good luck Trina, find a good job". I remember thinking a good job came after a good education. I walked home that afternoon with tears in my eyes, which was a common occurrence. I am one of a family of six siblings, and I'm the youngest. I guess the household was just too busy in those days to give me the help I could have had. I was embarrassed to ask for help. However a was a happy child in a loving family and remember lots of  fun in my childhood. At Intermediate school, I received a little coaching and also in my third form year. But my struggle was still not named or addressed. Now I understand that I have "Dyslexia". Isn't it a shame this wasn't picked up way earlier in my younger days. Now that my own children are secure in there own careers, I wonder when my own job might come to an end as the Electronics field is changing all the time.
So the thought returns to me that I have no real educational qualifications to do the things that earn good money.
This brings me to the reason for my Blog.
I was walking in my home town and spotted a sign which said 'Literacy', free tutoring.
I found myself walking upstairs to a big open office buzzing with people which was intimidating. At this office I met a wonderful lady. She listened to me and watched those same tears in my eyes that I had wept on the walk home from school. She recognised my anguish and was so compassionate.
That wonderful lady told me,' there is a Tutor I would like you to meet but I'm not sure if she's available'.
This tutor and I met over a year ago now. This has been life changing for me, we will be friends for life.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Welcome to my World again,
I've had some problems reconnecting to my  'Blog', because I'm not computer  savvy and that I'm  not  very good at  spelling and grammer, this makes it hard to read instructions to keep writing my story. It is why I have to continue with my pages to you that wish to follow me.
Literacy  is the Biggest  struggle I have in life and I would like to share more of my Journey.
Please  keep reading my 'Blog' so I can help people out there understand that even people like myself can over come and enjoy life to the full and still work and play in the computer world.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Hello Friends, Thank you for being there, to read and follow me.
I'm being having problems at the moment. So please wait there for my third entry in very soon

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Well, here I am.

I smile at finding myself writing this Blog. Like many, many  people I have had challenges with Literacy. Even the word Literacy isn't easy to say or spell.
My journey began as a small child, scared of going to school. I did enjoy Art class though, as I didn't  need to write. Today I still enjoy creative arts.
At Primary school I was kept back in standard three twice, which meant I lost all my friends and became isolated. I left school at the end of fifth form when I was aged 16. The results said it all. School Certificate in 5 subjects- lowest English at 18%  and typing the highest at 39%. Wow, no surprises there. It was at College that this Literacy problem became troublesome.
I left school knowing my ABC's, knowing right from wrong and being respectful to others.

I am contemplating our abundant garden as I relax on the deck of our laid back, arty, comfortable cottage. It is good to take time to appreciate that I am a mother of two beautiful adult daughters and a cherished grandson. Joining me is my dearly loved partner, how like me, enjoys the rural vista after our day at work. I work full time as an Electronics Supervisor.