Wednesday, 19 August 2015

You don't know what you don't know

I'm going to let you beautiful people in on a little secret.
I've been keeping this to myself recently, well most of my blogging career ( four short months ).
Things have been going along swimmingly and that's really okay with me.
Creative inspiration only lasts a matter of a few minutes for me. I'm a busy little beaver most of the time.
Back to the secret...yes, as most of  you will have guessed  ( nobody tells you these things ) those little square boxes to your right where 'followers' can put their little, smiley faces or something that we can recognise you by.
Here's the thing... I didn't know how to get these little boxes up on my blog in the first place.
So my dear blogger friend  +Alisha Trost   kindly told me step by step how to do this and Boom, up came +Jeremy Crow in my very first square. Welcome to you and  Alisha, I'm honoured to have you both on board.
It's a waiting game for me now, anticipating the rest of  you popping your portraits on my blog too.
I'm eager to follow the excitement and enthusiasm  to master this new hobby to keep up with you.
Over the last few months I've met some awesome people online who I would never have thought I would call friends.
Occasionally in my comments I realise each of you are really only a conversation in a queue away from becoming long time friends.
What I do know is that I have met some amazing people who have shown generosity, kindness, humour and wisdom. I love you all for that.