Wednesday, 21 October 2015

It's Rewarding to Give and Receive

When I started out to write this 'blog', it was first designed to make the reader aware of how difficult reading, writing and spelling can be. I've noticed in the entries of my blog that it's more about, having a new vision around how people carry their mind, body and soul.
So many people are challenged by learning disabilities every day, like me.
I'm just high-lighting the fact it doesn't need to be a disability. You don't need to hide from it.
Carry your head high, it's a way to show to yourself and others, you have what it takes to be happy, confident and contribute to life.
Try something new; spend time walking around a children's hospital ward, volunteer at a Red Cross, visit a animals shelter, to watch caring people make a difference to children and the poor.
They don't care if you can't read or write well, but they will know "You Have a Heart That Cares".
Look around, we all have something to offer in the places we call home.

                                             You were created to make somebody
                                                           else's life better.

                                                     Somebody needs your smile.

                                          They need your love, your encouragement
                                                            and your gifts.
                                                                                         -Joel Osteen

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Building Relationships

We all have life journeys to create.
The question is... are we all happy with our Life so far?
It's never too late to change or add something new that can be rewarding to make it a better and happier journey.
Have you hugged your children lately?. It doesn't matter how young or old they are - share a quiet moment when you get the chance, when they are on their own, girls..boys or men, some don't like affection in public, so don't make a fuss in crowds. Put your arms out for a hug, don't be afraid to tell them you love them and are proud of them. We all need to hear that out loud often.
Maybe organize a break away to enjoy some happy times, together and make memories that are waiting to be savoured.
It doesn't even need to be far from home, camping ground down the road!. Staying at a backpackers could be fun. Meeting new people that have travelled the world, they may surprise you with friendships that can last a life time or interesting conversations that will be remembered, new contacts and places can be interesting and exciting experiences.
Have you tried making something  with your own hands?, something you can share with your family e.g; build a project together that the whole family can be involved in!. Look around your yard maybe make a starling box paint it the some as the house/shed maybe the fence, try your hand at paving!. A path to the clothes line or in the garden shed made from scraps of bricks. Think of idea's to enjoy a Sunday lunch together filled with fun and laughter.
If you can fill a room with crazy family members...then my friends you have have -Love-

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Spring is in the Air

                                            Spring is here!
                                            but time will tell when Summer will arrive,
                                            Let the fun time's visit this house,
                                            for all of us to thrive.
                                            Gardens will grow, people will come with stories to flow.
                                            Great memories to store.
                                             Can this last all year long till  the next season rolls on.
                                             Only  you & I will remember to hold,
                                             what next year has install.