Wednesday, 18 March 2015

...I remember a teacher telling me on my last day of school "Good luck Trina, find a good job". I remember thinking a good job came after a good education. I walked home that afternoon with tears in my eyes, which was a common occurrence. I am one of a family of six siblings, and I'm the youngest. I guess the household was just too busy in those days to give me the help I could have had. I was embarrassed to ask for help. However a was a happy child in a loving family and remember lots of  fun in my childhood. At Intermediate school, I received a little coaching and also in my third form year. But my struggle was still not named or addressed. Now I understand that I have "Dyslexia". Isn't it a shame this wasn't picked up way earlier in my younger days. Now that my own children are secure in there own careers, I wonder when my own job might come to an end as the Electronics field is changing all the time.
So the thought returns to me that I have no real educational qualifications to do the things that earn good money.
This brings me to the reason for my Blog.
I was walking in my home town and spotted a sign which said 'Literacy', free tutoring.
I found myself walking upstairs to a big open office buzzing with people which was intimidating. At this office I met a wonderful lady. She listened to me and watched those same tears in my eyes that I had wept on the walk home from school. She recognised my anguish and was so compassionate.
That wonderful lady told me,' there is a Tutor I would like you to meet but I'm not sure if she's available'.
This tutor and I met over a year ago now. This has been life changing for me, we will be friends for life.