Monday, 18 July 2016

Just a walk in the Park


I'd like to share with you what we came across a few weekends ago. A little bike show! cool when you are out & about doing nothing in particular, just walking through town on a Sunday.

BSA, Harley's the normally things you would find at a show with bikes, but this groovy dog got my attention, all set with goggles/scarf/water-proof vest, ready to hit the road, the owner was to shy too be in the picture, but he told me his mate has travelled with him everywhere and is the best companion on the road.

 We moved around the park, both thinking there is a lot of money in these toys (expensive garage ornaments, I call them), coz they don't look like the most practical machine you would ride every day! and we have one taking up space in our very own shed. So you can managing what the chatter was driving home. If we cashed up on the ornament back in our garage, we could go on a trip!!. Yep, it was the topic of the night alright, but has always, it came to an end.