Saturday, 29 April 2017

Feeling Grateful

Hi there,
It's me again.

Trina... remember me?

I've been thinking,...why, why did I become a blogger?
It was about sharing my journey, the struggle I have about spelling!, having a tutor every Thursday for two years in my adult life, someone to teach me how to read & write.

I'm happy to report back and tell you, that I am very proud of myself actually, feeling quite chuffed at having the confidence now, not feeling so embarrassed, about making silly mistakes, this doesn't shame me out any more, like it use to.

My G+ family have become such an important part of my life now. I need to tell you all, I am so very grateful. My blog may have changed it's path a little, but the theory in the idea is still very much a progress to open myself up to you and help me over come my fear of failing.

 This page so far has taken me over two hours and is full of nothing, but simply highlighting the work I need to do, to just get this down into words you can read. So blogging was one way, every week, with a lovely, very patient lady, helping me do simple tasks that any kid finds easy and yes, I'm still learning the tasks and will always stay with me, bad habits are hard to break. But here I am, been brave in front of you all to see.

Keep smiling, things will work out in the end :)