Sunday, 14 August 2016

This Happened...

I'm going to bore you guys to tears with these updates, but it must come to an end soon, right!. To exciting not to share stuff that is finished with our little project 'the bus' , check it out...the Grill is going back on, Yay. #FixThePlus

Almost time to 'Hit the Road'

Dinning Table
The Kitchen
...and more about the bus... One way to test a relationship, is to work in confine cubbyhole like conditions, restricting your arm length to hit someone!, but we had passed the test...for now anyway.

This has surprisingly come together quite  well, we are on the same page, thank goodness.

The  piggy bank is still rattling, until it's not, we will carry on playing.
We love 'Trade-Me' for all the bargains, lead- light windows from Christchurch, plenty on the market place, result from the earthquakes back in 2011-12, brought two at $70ea.

NZ Kauri wood for our table top, donated kindly from a friend, thanks Grant.
Curtains: material also a trade-me buy, from Blenheim, South Island $20, gone throughout the whole bus, made by yours truly!, it's funny when someone mentions, hey Trina!, you could make those up, easy aye!. ummm sure, piece a cake, right!, well, they are still up, so let's just go with that for now. 

Peace beads are a must.. that's right aye, +S. Bradley Stoner , we have a good handful up there just for you my friend..