Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Foundation, is really a girls best Friend

This read is for the lady's, sorry guys,go fetch us a glass of wine could yeah, that'll be great, thanks.
Foundation! Do you chicks have a favourite!, like me for years you have continued to return to your trusted chemist, every so often. It might be weeks/ months if you are like me to make the expensive bottle last as long as the budget will allow. I've spent a small fortune on new, amazing foundations that make you think you look year's younger, Liar, Liar, pants on fire to them. But, still, I go back to the original foundation every time. I will ponder over the huge range thats on the market looking for that one thats going to make me look youthful, you know, the one that doesn't make you break out, covers imperfections and stays on all day kind of foundation. I'm a Revlon 'Honey Dew' kind of girl and to hear the words....I'm sorry madam but it has been discontinued!, I'm sorry...what!!. Bewildered and mortified, standing there, I'm stunned. It's been discontinued!,, no more as in, this shop doesn't stock it anymore or can't get it in New Zealand!. She looks at me then with a hush tone in her voice shouting it at me like I wasn't going to understand if she didn't . As she opened her mouth at me, my mind ran away with the thought, I'll have to fly to freakin London to prove my existence,wait, thats okay, I have a sweet blogger friend that lives there. I'll be like...Adele, I'm coming over to stock pile what could be what's left out there, the thought calmed me down having to come to terms with this shocking news. Can I exist with a colour change!, will I have a face no- one recognizes!. My heavy heart left the shop. Wondering for a short time the world must have stopped, sitting in my car for the trip home. I felt a little odd to say the least, this was very much a big deal and I'm not happy. But I will move on from this while I looked down at this colour change on the seat opposite me hoping it will serve me well, this not so favourite colour, yet!'Golden Sands'. Guess what, the world is still moving along and no one die, but hey
...guys, guys...where's my wine 🍷