Saturday, 12 September 2015

Summer ?

 are you on your way!
It feels such a long time ago, are we fools, 
 we have been waiting  for you all year 
please be here soon!.
This winter has held on it seems.
                                                       We have had to much rain!,
                                                        to many cold nights,
                                                         please be here soon!.
                                                      Why so many weather problems!.
                                 for the first time we are looking forward to the outdoors,
                                             when are we meant to start enjoy finer days!
                                            more warmer evenings, more family fun times.
                                                                 please be here soon!.

                                             Our grandson will be 3 years old this Christmas
                                                  and we can't wait to take him places,
                                                    to play, to run, to simply have fun
                                                                 please be here soon!.

                                                  My Grandson & I enjoying cuddles as always



Thursday, 10 September 2015

Best house in the Street

                                   We have a rental in Waihi NZ, she's been ours for 10 years
                                   now and its time to give her a paint job. The tenant was wrapped
                                   that we have gone to all that time and trouble for her!  
                                   We have a great and happy tenant but the idea to take this big
                                   job on painting a 100 year old Kauri Villa wasn't to make her
                                    feel good I tell you, this old girl was tired and was in  great 
                                   need of some TLC taken a while to like the colour choice but we
                                   have come around to it now, warmer feel about it then full out
                                  What do you guys think? thumbs up or not so much!