Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Boy, was I naive!
When I think back at the way I have described myself in the pass e.g. stupid and dumb, I realise that maybe that there was some truth in this.
There was a time when I lived in Australia, a little suburb called Arncliffe in Sydney. I lived in a one bedroomed, self contained flat at the back of a house. It was cockroach infested. Eek! but it was cheap. I had a job at a car franchise on a busy main vein into the city. Well I remember there,was a yummy bakery right across the highway that made the most divine Apricot Danish. They were to die for (now I know where that phrase come from).
At lunchtime every day I would take my orders and make my way to the front of the yard and plan my death defying sprint  across that eight lane highway, with the cheers from the guys from the work shop out the back. They had organised  their own seating strategically for this daily entertainment, but it was  worth every mouthful.
For a short time, I worked  for another business I found advertised on a small notice board at the local train station " Assembler wanted, must speak English and be reliable". Yep that's me.
I was so excited by the opportunity for any interview, landed the job. Surprisingly, I didn't notice I was only one of two employees. I worked with a Chinese guy, same age but very poor English. We understood each other and had fun. The place echoed as is was an enormous factory. It was too big and creepy. I was amused however that they exported  plastic S bends to New Zealand.
Now, I know I'm reliable and may not spell or read English well, but speak it I can. Assembling is my specialty and I proudly put in over a months work at this firm until the boss made his move on me.
I was gone! but not until he heard just how good my verbal English was that day.
Australia wasn't a good experience for me back then. One can't put this down to the lack of education, you can experience inappropriate behaviour anywhere not just the work place, when you are a ravishing beauty as I am.
In hindsight I could have had better knowledge on how to deal with such behaviour. How to fight back, how to write a report on what happened, how to fill out forms etc. It just becomes too scary. In my case I just moved on and put it behind me. Much has changed from the 80's. There are places now that will listen and help people like me, to overcome self doubt and abuse.
I love the saying in the movie " Help"
You is kind ...You is smart...You is important...