Sunday, 31 July 2016

There's Progress

Yes indeedy, lots of progress is happening with our little Bedford school bus 🚌 camper.(still with no name).

Long way off finishing yet, but with the fine gap's in the weather, my partner set to work on getting some paint on the old gal.

Some panel work yet to be done on the front but that didn't stop him from slamming some cream paint on the side's. Picture if you would, where you see some black including around windows, we are thinking dark green!.

It's shaping up quite nicely to us. Lucky my partner is a painter by trade, hate to think how much this would have cost!

 Watch this space for more updates 😊

Remember the fun times

When a 'Carnival' is in town and you really feel the need to have a go on some ( most ) of the rides they have on offer, all you want to do is grab a kid ( grandson ) and go stand in the ticket line 😊

Got to love Weekends

If its only to stop at a park and relax for 10 minutes, in my day just for me, then stop I will.

Got to love Weekends

If its only to stop at a park and relax for 10 minutes, in my day just for me, then stop I will.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

What is happening to our future?

It's wonderful to watch a baby sleep peaceful, with no care in the world, why would you wake such a beautiful sight.
 We watch on as they find their feet. We only wish them love and laughter in their life, to grow strong with very little to worry there little minds.
I struggle with what is happening in this weird and crazy world right now, what harm will come to all the children we bring into this one and only planet!, what are we doing out there!.
 It's scary to understand what will be left behind for my beautiful grandson.  Will he become a strong young man, a good man that will make us proud, have a beautiful family of his own and make them safe. We can only wish for the very best for his future in a more settled world then we have now.
We need more love and respect for each other.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Just a walk in the Park


I'd like to share with you what we came across a few weekends ago. A little bike show! cool when you are out & about doing nothing in particular, just walking through town on a Sunday.

BSA, Harley's the normally things you would find at a show with bikes, but this groovy dog got my attention, all set with goggles/scarf/water-proof vest, ready to hit the road, the owner was to shy too be in the picture, but he told me his mate has travelled with him everywhere and is the best companion on the road.

 We moved around the park, both thinking there is a lot of money in these toys (expensive garage ornaments, I call them), coz they don't look like the most practical machine you would ride every day! and we have one taking up space in our very own shed. So you can managing what the chatter was driving home. If we cashed up on the ornament back in our garage, we could go on a trip!!. Yep, it was the topic of the night alright, but has always, it came to an end. 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

It's My Party

I'm all about a birthday party, me. The fairy bread, the cheerio's, the Fanta!...What's not to love?
Mind you, my first ever fashion faux pas took place at a birthday party, so it's a surprise that I don't run screaming from the room the moment someone puts a candle on a cake!.

The birthday girl on that occasion lived at the end of our street and I think she! was turning four. I don't remember her name!, but I remember my choice of outfit, as if it was yesterday..
A pair of clinging bright green tights and a very tight green polo-neck jersey. No top layer - just tights and a top. It was a thing. I'm pretty sure it was a thing,  Mum tried to talk me out of it, but I knew the look I was going for and remained determined to proceed as planned.

There are few four -year olds who could pull this look off and sadly I was most definitely not one of them, I must have looked like a giant frog covered in pond scum!!.

I have no recollection of the party itself, just of the walk home before it had finished. This may not have actually happened, but I hope it didn't, because it turns out tights and polo necks were so not a thing, I don't know where I got that idea from.

And while I've never worn so little ever again, I'm still just as keen on a birthday party, even though  these days, one can only fit so many candles on a cake before the presence of hairspray becomes something the fire department needs to know about.

But what becomes even more important than fair bread is catching up with friends and family. I don't know why, but the more you need this to happen, less it does!.

At least I am not dressed in clinging bright green stuff. My lovely sister out of the blue, took the bull by the horns and invited a small but perfectly formed group for a Sunday lunch a wee while back to help me celebrate mine.

These things are the memories we cling to, during the boring bit of the year when Christmas isn't happening. Who cares how blah the age you're celebrating is? Break out the Fanta and defrost some sausage rolls people and enjoy that age thing about life.