Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Rocks Can Be Fun Too

You know how I said, 'I'm so busy lately'.

I've find something really easy that's relaxing me, check it out...

Weekends can be a great time to relax after a long working week, but what's there to do, that's fun, cheap, and isn't going to wear you out doing it. 
This is what I found on that love/hate thingy called 'Facebook'...(come on, don't judge me, you play on there too, I know.:)

It's all about painting Rocks!

Pretty when coloured in dots

Look at what's been posted up on our group site.
Some new rocks ready to be hidden in the area. Cool.

My Grandson loves his new find. A strawberry rock!.
These are pretty too, great idea people have
painting dots, looks easy. 
Have you ever played Geocaching?.
 Its a hide-in-seek game, that's played all over the world, but here is a new, well it's new to me!. Hide-in-seek little rocks!, that's right, rocks. Hidden all around my home town. Paint away to your heart's content. That's all there is to it. If you know someone on facebook!, get them to take a photo of your beautiful creation and tell everyone roughly where you placed it, so some lucky person can find it. Careful not to put it in a place that will damage plant life or nothing else around it.
  It's all about making someone's day brighter, finding a beautiful master piece. 
Vanish it, so the weather will be kind to it and wait for someone to find it.
 There is a group started here in my home town, called 'Tauranga Rocks', maybe you can start up a group in yours, simply put your groups name on the back of your rock, start to track where they move on to. It's fun for the whole family. Something for the kids and parents to do together on the weekends, who doesn't want to paint a rock!