Wednesday, 21 October 2015

It's Rewarding to Give and Receive

When I started out to write this 'blog', it was first designed to make the reader aware of how difficult reading, writing and spelling can be. I've noticed in the entries of my blog that it's more about, having a new vision around how people carry their mind, body and soul.
So many people are challenged by learning disabilities every day, like me.
I'm just high-lighting the fact it doesn't need to be a disability. You don't need to hide from it.
Carry your head high, it's a way to show to yourself and others, you have what it takes to be happy, confident and contribute to life.
Try something new; spend time walking around a children's hospital ward, volunteer at a Red Cross, visit a animals shelter, to watch caring people make a difference to children and the poor.
They don't care if you can't read or write well, but they will know "You Have a Heart That Cares".
Look around, we all have something to offer in the places we call home.

                                             You were created to make somebody
                                                           else's life better.

                                                     Somebody needs your smile.

                                          They need your love, your encouragement
                                                            and your gifts.
                                                                                         -Joel Osteen