Monday, 12 September 2016

'Conservation Week'

Okay, its 'Conservation Week' in the Bay of Plenty, we are going to finally crack down on these dog owners who, for years have abused signs that have been in place at the Mount Maunganui beach for years. As you can see, clearly, over due!! In respect for the little 'blue penguin' its about damn time.

Roadies Rule

Lets take a break!

 Just do it, the weekend is coming folks, so let's get ready now! I love an idea thrown together at the last minute, don't wait to plan more excuses, just do it!.

Chilly-bin filled with refreshments✅ tent ✅ & sleeping bags(& soft pillows)✅ chucked in the boot or in our case, the tray of the truck and head off .

 Better if you have a destination point to camp out under the stars ( like we did ) but sometimes it's fun too simply wing it and take a chance on the weather! What could happen is some fun memories to cherish, a road trip to remember. Cheap way to have some down time, a chance to return home refreshed.
 Who's with me?
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