Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Banana Cake date...

It's hard to believe, that my partner of  16 years welcomed me into his heart and home.
He was single, never being married, had no children and owned his own home.
Me, on the other hand, had been married for 14 years, was in the middle of a divorce, had two children age 9 and 12 at that time and was in the process of selling the family home and organising new financials.
A wee bit messier then 'his' ordered life.
But he soon made it his mission to fix this mess.
We met through a friend we both knew. Her son was to have his first birthday party and we were both invited knowing the other would be there ( kind of a blind date so to speak ).
My partner and I didn't even talk at the party, we were too busy observing and watching each other I guess.
A long week later we made arrangements to meet over at Pilot Bay for a coffee.
I arrived with a rug, thermos of coffee and two slices of freshly baked banana cake.
He must have thought, "Cool!, this hasn't cost me anything yet, lets see where this leads".
His shyness and my reserve meant that our relationship moved slowly.
We became good friends and over the next few months we grew fond of each other and enjoyed the excitement of  a new romance. This man was quickly becoming a great father figure to my children. It was easy to fall for this guy. He was my rock in those troubled times.
He showed me how to open my mind and heart again.
" To live fully again you have to be at the bottom", he said, " start over and begin to see what life has to offer. Enjoy the little things. Watch a sunset across the water, picnic in the park, close your eyes and listen to music and holding hands". 
These small, simple and significant things brought happiness.
We still picnic, watch sunsets', listen to music and hold hands.
My man is good! Life is good.