Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hi my followers, Just thought I'd  update you about my 'Blog' . The purpose of which is to tell of my struggle with Dyslexia throughout my life. This process is still a bit new to me.
I am researching how to add more interest and to add pictures to my Blog. I would be happy to receive constructive comments and feed back.
..I was busy  and satisfied in my job but now that I'm older, I value myself better and see that I have tolerated  my job which doesn't  fulfil  me anymore.
I have always considered myself as "slow-dumb"
It might amaze you that people who may appear clever, could also be hiding the same challenges of Dyslexia. They too have learned to hide there struggle by clever coping strategies.
I have stopped putting myself down and have decided  to be happy with who I am and 'JUST BE ME'.