Sunday, 17 April 2016

New Zealand

To my true few followers...(all five of you)
 I wish to thank you for your support.. kind words of encouragement and at times, have liked, commented and shared some of my posts, it's so rewarding, again, I thank you.

As you all may have guessed by now, my input here is always so slow to arrive, but I'm still here, viewing, commenting, liking and at times sharing along with you all.

The truth is, I'm still learning how to even get into my dashboard! it seems I sit and search for ages before I finally stumble on the right channels to get in!.( headsup, no kids live here).

Then it gets tricky, to fish around the platform to make the writing stay the some all the way through the story, before you show it too yourself at the review or most cases, panic and just save !( who does the some? is this a normal thing you all go through, or is this a classic case of a newbie....still ).

Oh, then it's the pictures!, they say photos help people stop by, if a picture has caught there eye!( if I could only learn to copy & paste, more would be in here I'm sure of it. So if you can view a photo at the end of this post, you are in luck, this only happens once or twice if you get me on an understand moment to push the right button.

Anyways, this entry was to touch base with those beautiful people to the right of my screen, those famous five in the 'followers' column. If you wish to join these beautiful few, please feel free to hop along and keep us company.

Beautiful far North, New Zealand