Wednesday, 5 August 2015


They say you shouldn't do anything by halves! Clearly this is not me
Ridiculously, I love everything chocolate...
I can eat chocolate anytime, day or night, I can snack as I walk around the house, snack as I read (this draft). I can even snack preparing to eye up another square of  delicious, mouth watering chocolate.
At the moment my whole thinking and being is consumed by something as ridiculous and unimportant as chocolate.
I think nonstop about the stuff.
As I admit this to you, it's actually making me giggle typing this.
Monday is supermarket day. I hate the day as a rule, it is my weekly chore but it's a great and exciting time to venture down that favourite isle to fetch-well you get what I mean. Treating ourselves, yes I'm going to drag my partner who is responsible  for this addiction in to this conversation.
When we are having a simple cup of coffee in town, the barista will say, " would you like cinnamon or chocolate on your coffee",. I'm like..."honey, we have come into this lovely café for sometime now and you might well remember what my topping is...chocolate"!
Okay let's play the game of guilt out loud.
Why do we feel guilty!, Chocolate is made for happiness and enjoyment, right!. I choose dark chocolate (Whittaker's).and if you think I'm on a dangerous path, well, I am.
Easter, I love this time of the year. I'm a sucker for the bunnies, marsh mellows,crème eggs. What type of chocoholic are you?.
One by one, it doesn't take long feeling like I have stepped over my quota for the day-week-month.
So, yes, go have a slice of  the goodness but make sure it's dark chocolate to make you feel a little less guilty.