Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The beauty of nature can be rewarding.
Like the quiet sitting, relaxing on the beach, in the park or in a friends back garden.
So often we listen to life's pressures. What others think we want e.g. new T.V, new phone, new car
and trendy furniture.
Generally we are quite happy and contented with what we already have.
Why do we allow ourselves to be overcome with pressure to keep up? Is it because we  risk being labelled unsuccessful, not on trend?  I'm sure those of us who land on our feet through hard work and determination, at some point would  enjoy a swap for the simple life " the gypsy way", I call it.
I put so much stress on myself, listening to the external messages, as I get older. I sometimes think  that I should be further ahead than I am. However when I think back to my childhood I often remember how we enjoyed the little we had. Having a vegetable garden to help put food on the table, preserving, making clothes by sewing and knitting.
I find it so rewarding to give away hand crafted items and receive them, knowing the effort and love
that's gone into them.
My point is, that I am a person of value and talent, despite my literary  challenges. I am worthy and consider myself wealthy in the best things in life. For me to be happy, I find peace within myself, am more content  and relaxed and  remember that 'Life is short'. These thoughts come easily to me when I'm surrounded by the beauty of my garden.