Wednesday, 6 May 2015

While my garden winds me down, frequently questions from others wind me up.
People often ask me why I am still in the job I have had for over thirty years. For the first ten to fifteen years. I would reply 'EASY'. I like the work and enjoyed making electronics.
Winding, soldering and assembling was fun as I'm dexterous and  enjoy working with my hands.
Then the hours suited me, doing forty hours a week and taking some work home for extra money.
Of course, when my girls were young I worked nine to three. This flexibility suited well, so it wasn't about the money or lack of it at that time. We were a two income household and doing fine.
You probably won't be surprised  to hear that after my marriage ended, the hourly rate I earned really mattered.  
Being on my own was a huge challenge. I had no education, no certificates even for the skills I had
learnt along the way.
This line of work, electronics field, had seen me through  all those years and didn't call for any certificates. Lucky, some would say.
People ask me why are you still in this job after all these years?
I'm in my 50's now! I don't answer them.
I've been in this firm all my working life and still in a low income bracket. I'm not silly or stupid, just not  sufficiently educated.
I'm clever at the job I do, I'm honest, loyal, reliable and a tax paying citizen.
When kids finish school these days and some may slip through the system as I did, I hope they will find some words of wisdom here to help their struggle.
So often we are recognised for our mistake or failures and not for our efforts and achievements in life.