Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The recent celebration of Mother's Day has left me thankful for the two Beautiful Daughters to whom I am a mother. I mentioned my younger daughter in my previous Blog about our grandson.
However it is my delight to also mention my older daughter.
This daughter is multi-talented and works for a large corporation in Auckland. She has conscientiously worked her way up to a position of responsibility.
Acting is a lucrative hobby for this daughter. She has starred in television commercials and  has played character roles in our own New Zealand  favourite programme, Shortland Street.
My girl has also starred in a mini series that has yet to be screened.
There are so many reasons to love this daughter. She is blessed with a great figure and a beautiful smile. She is well groomed, fit and enjoys following the latest  trends and  fashions. She has a  bubbly personality  and is a loving, caring person. She is supported by a great partner.
Being a parent is so rewarding.
To keep our relationships fun, my daughters and I have planned another weekend away together for some intoxicating laughter.