Friday, 16 September 2016

Who doesn't love 'Lighthouses'

Manukau Heads Lighthouse

So here I am, at Manukau Heads, Awhitu Peninsula, Auckland NZ.

What a beautiful day to visit this sweet little lighthouse, views for miles, wildlife enjoying the peace and quiet on a picture perfect day.

We spent the best part of an hour looking for land-marks beyond this peninsula. We could identified exactly where the airport was!, that was easy, every two minutes an International Flight would amid straight for us!.

Yep, Auckland City was also out there in the distance.

We had some beautiful Maui Dolphin's swim by, there
was a great viewing platform from the lookout point, they were just enjoying there day like us.

I've got this thing going on, on my face-book page, #FindMeFriday it's fun, it's making me aware of my world around me. My partner reminds me, well, where are we heading to this week for your Fridays Pic, it's making quite an impression on this household, even have my daughters friends ask her, 'what's her Mum up to this week!', kind of cool actually.

Educational for some, remember-able for others. It's great when people comment to my photos and take a guess where I could be. No prize, just be first at getting it right, simply a 'Well Done, Congratulations' from me, try your luck again next week #FindMeFriday. 

Awhitu Peninsula
Look...that's me up there!

Easy hill with few steps to the top, phew!

Worlds rarest marine mammal, the 'Maui Dolphin'