Thursday, 16 February 2017

Mums are Forever

Dear Mum,
I miss you dearly.
Your kind and warm heart, your way you have when times were hard, the magic you had, you just knew, no words needed to be spoken before you gave a gentle smile, that look you had that would make things okay. Wishing you are still here with us to talk too. Just to sit and enjoying a cup of tea, lovingly looking at your well kept garden 🏡, you did love your garden. 💐. I'll always remember when you came to visit with freshly picked rose's for me, but that was sometime ago now, as your last few years in a rest home, you didn't enjoy one little bit. We knew Mum, that's when it was our turn to bring a smile to your face, armed with beautiful rose's for you ❤ .
I can't believe its only been a few weeks now, that you have passed away to become an Angel above. May your pain be gone and you are enjoying the company with Dad by your side.
You will always be in my daily thoughts.
Your loving daughter

Trina x❤x